When you apply for a car loan in Singapore, there is a lot of information that you need to provide to the bank or your local finance institute. Below are some of them:

Details Needed For Car Loan Applications in Singapore

Car Loan Details

1.)    Purchase Price of the Car

2.)    Car Loan Amount

3.)    Car Deposit Amount

4.)    Car Loan Tenure

5.)    Preferred Bank

6.)    Preferred Interest Rate (If applicable)

7.)    Current Financial Commitments


Personal Details

1.)    Your Name

2.)    NRIC / Passport / ROC No.

3.)    Date of Birth / Date of Company Registration

4.)    Nationality

5.)    Race

6.)    Marital Status

7.)    Mobile/Home/Office Phone Number

8.)    Email Address


Employment & Guarantor’s (If Applicable) Details

1.)    Employment Type

2.)    Fixed Monthly Income

3.)    Other Souce of Income (Monthly)

4.)    Name of Current Employer/Company

5.)    Company Address

6.)    Company’s Nature of Business

7.)    Current Job Position

8.)    Length of Service

9.)    Home or Office Phone Number

10.) Email Address


Car Insurance Details

1.)    Vehicle Registration No.

2.)    Driving License Pass Date

3.)    NCD Entitlement & NCD %

4.)    Claim(s) within 3 years

5.)    Existing Insurance Company


Documents Needed For Car Loan Applications in Singapore

1.)    Car Registration

2.)    Clear Copy of NRIC/Passport/Employment Pass

3.)    Income Proof (Latest 6 Months CPF / 2 Years Notice Of Assessment / Latest 3 Months Computerized Payslip )

4.)    Sales & Purchase Agreement

5.)    Authorization Form To Check Full Settlement (If Vehicle is still under Finance)

Signed and/or Chopped Authorized Form to Check Car Seller’s Full Settlement