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Usedcarloan.com.sg is a website that is fully owned by Speed Credit Pte Ltd (Business Registration #200000423N). It was created to further extend our reach to all car owners in Singapore, whether car buyers or car sellers. We believe that by creating this website, we can help our customers to fully understand our loan services.

Moreover, all our customers are now able to conveniently submit online car loan applications whenever they want to. All online applications are FREE of charge as they were all created to speed up the loan process. We have also dedicated a page where you can directly download our Bank Application Forms and other LTA Forms, should you need to fax over a signed copy to us.

Self-help instructions, Motoring News, COE bidding results and other important automobile resources were also added on this website to further help you on your automobile needs.

About Speed Credit

Speed Credit is a company that provides used car financing, new car financing and car insurance to car owners. Since its establishment in the year 2000, Speed Credit has grown to be a major player in the motor vehicle industry and has branched out to be a new and used car dealer in Singapore.

With a wide range of loan and auto services, Speed Credit is able to cater ALL types of car needs in Singapore. Click here to know more about us.

Speed Credit’s Bank Partners

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Why Engage with Speed Credit?

A One-Stop Shop For Automotive Needs
You can rely on us for all your car loan, car refinancing, car insurance, car buying, car selling and car consignment need. All these you can do in 1 stop!
An Established Car Finance Company
Since year 2000, we have been providing the most competitive car loan services in Singapore.
A Trusted Partner of 13 Reputable Banks and 14 Insurance Companies in Singapore
There is nothing more better than dealing with a company that is trusted by the biggest banks and insurance companies in Singapore.
Provides The Cheapest Car Loan Rates in Singapore
With our extensive network of financial institutions, we can easily make special arrangements for your car loan needs. Thus, we are able to provide the cheapest car loan rate in the market.
Established New and Used Car Dealer
We have branched out as a recognized new & used car dealer that offers high quality cars at very reasonable prices.
Related Entity of Ace Drive & Cars & Stars
We are the parent company of Ace Drive and Cars & Stars. Ace Drive is a well-known rental company that offers wedding, luxury & exotic car rental and leasing services in Singapore. While Cars & Stars is Parallel Importer that offers the latest continental cars in Singapore.

What You Can Expect From Speed Credit

  • Fast processing of car loan applications.
  • Completion of all legal papers or documentations.
  • A neutral third party between car buyers and sellers’ sales & financial transactions.
  • A representative that will verify the Seller’s information and righful ownership.
  • A FREE but reliable administrative support for transfer of car ownership.
  • Ensures full settlement with the seller’s existing bank or financial institute.
  • Free car insurance quotations.