Featured Testimonials

Speed Credit was very patient in explaining and guiding me with the whole process and made me feel very assuring. They have given me a positive experience that I have never experienced before.

Loo Boon Hu, Car Ref: Chevrolet Optra

Speed Credit is highly commendable for their professionalism and service oriented attitude.

Wong Chee Hong, Car Ref: Honda Civic

Speed Credit’s staff has been very prompt and professional. I am very satisfied with their car Loan service!

Kelvin Lee, Car Ref: BMW Z3


The whole experience was very pleasant. Very knowledgeable, efficient and trust worthy staff!”

Karthigasu Sabapathy, Car Ref: Audi Q5 2.0

Speed Credit has been very prompt with all my requests and financing needs. They also have friendly services.

Loo Boon Hu, Car Ref: Mazda M6

At Speed Credit, everything runs smoothly. Thanks and keep it up!

Norwati Bie Bahrom, Car Ref: Mitsubishi Lancer

At Speed Credit you can get all things done in one stop!

Lenson Seah, Car Ref: Toyota Corolla

Reliable, Fast and No FEE!

Leonardo G. Alfonso, Car Ref: Mitsubishi Lancer